Who We Are

Executive Director

Ben Rathbun Executive Director

Ben Rathbun has just become our new director in 2015, and has over 23 years of professional non-profit experience. He is emotionally connected to this devastating disease because of a family friend who was diagnosed with lupus and struggled with it for many years. When the opportunity came to make a difference in Michigan and create a much lacking awareness of lupus as well as help the thousands of lupus warriors, he joined the fight with energy and passion.

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Our Staff


Alexandra Christenson – Support Services Coordinator



Colleen PerkinsEvent Coordinator



Christina Project

Christina Kirwan – Outreach

Our Officers

Judy Sova – President
Larry Silverman, MD – Vice President
Ian Ranshaw – Treasurer

Our Directors

Mike Miller
C.R. Conant
Sitella Harris

Our Mission

We exist to improve the quality of life for those living with lupus through support, education and research with the goal of finding a cure.

Our History

The Michigan Lupus Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization devoted to helping improve the quality of life for people with Lupus and their circle of family and friends. We have been continually serving Michigan and northern Indiana since 1974. Originally located in St. Clair Shores, the offices were moved in 2013 to the Southfield location. The original name of the organization was The Michigan Lupus Foundation, but then after joining a national group the name was changed to The Lupus Alliance of America, Michigan/Indiana Affiliate. In 2013, the name was changed back to the simpler and consolidated name that it originally had. The charity is now associated with the Lupus Research Institute. The Michigan Lupus Foundation is working to build a brighter future for all lupus patients and their families.