Lupus Love Project

The Lupus Love Project is an Emergency Grant providing financial assistance to people with lupus undergoing particularly trying times. Currently we support residents of Michigan and northern Indiana, with priority given to foundation members. The Lupus Emergency Grant Program is contingent upon the ability to show financial need and availability of funds. Applications should be filled out with a staff member of the Michigan Lupus Foundation which are available by contacting our office.


Every year we meet with Congressional Representatives and Senators in Washington D.C. to lobby for lupus friendly legislation and raise awareness of lupus among our political leaders.

Support Groups

We offer support groups for lupus warriors and their families and friends all over the state of Michigan. When attending, you can expect to receive lupus related information, emotional support and most importantly, friendship. We will often have doctors come in and lecture, and it will be a way for people to connect and build unique friendships.

We Have Support Groups All Around Michigan.

One of our main objectives is to raise awareness of this devastating disease so that people have a working knowledge and understanding of the effects of lupus. We continue to develop media spots and commercials to air on television, radio, and social media outlets.


The Michigan Lupus Foundation and its affiliates are committed to supporting scientific and medical lupus research at local and national levels. One of Michigan Lupus Foundation’s prime accomplishments has been to work collaboratively with the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) in its novel efforts to find better ways to treat and hopefully cure lupus.

Check Out Some Lupus Research Agencies

Every year the Michigan Lupus Foundation hosts a free symposium with several guest speakers, a panel, break-out sessions, and a free lunch. Rheumatologists, physicians, dieticians, and experts in lupus research speak on lupus related topics. A panel of lupus patients, doctors, and family members of lupus patients give helpful insight by way of questions and answers. Specific topics are covered in breakout sessions including finances, diet, stress reductions, etc.


We have six major walks throughout the year in order to raise awareness of lupus and fund programs and initiatives to help improve the quality of life for lupus patients in Michigan.