My struggles living with lupus

My struggle living with lupus(SLE).I was diagnosed with lupus 1998,and been dealing with it every since. I’ve had blood clots in my eyes, migraines, fatigue, incontinence, severe joint pain, rhuem/arthritis,issues with my skin etc. I later moved to another state, worked for years untreated, and boom, it hit me again….but the horror of it all, I had no medical insurance so the only way I was treated was through the ER. They of course did not believe me, so I had to get re-diagnosed which was even more stressful…. Then, even then, they would not even help me with medicaid,  I suffered dearly…I had to get physical therapy for three months, and now I walk with a cane..I also have depression anxiety, memory loss, and trouble concentrating…so had to move back home, and now seeking medical attention…I have to take a ton of meds, so when I moved back home, I contacted the Michigan Lupus Foundation for resources….they responded very promptly and was very helpful…that’s when I realized, there is hope after all…..Thank GOD for the Michigan Lupus Foundation.

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