Behind the Illnes

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE in March of 2011 after googling my symptoms. At that time I had a mild case and I eventually went into remission for about 2 years. In 2015 that all changed. One day I got a fever and it just would not go away. It spiked to it’s highest of 104 and from then my life completely changed. My case is now considered severe. I have been in and out of the hospital, lost my hair, gained a ton of weight, has horrible skin rashes, lost my job and relationship. Last August I was diagnosed with another rare disease called Avascular Necrosis (also called AVN or bone death) that came from the steroids used to control Lupus. I now walk with a cane and I need a total hip replacement. My life has been crazy the past 2 years but through it all I’ve learned so much about myself and my passions. I’ve finished beauty school and started my own business. I continue to work to perfect my craft and be successful in my new career despite the challenges Lupus brings. My faith and amazing support system gives me the strength to live the best life I can! I use to wish that I was normal but I’ve come to the conclusion that normal is┬áboring lol…focusing on being happy in the skin I’m in!!!


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