At the Michigan Lupus Foundation, we know how to put the FUN in Fundraising!

Without fundraising, our events just wouldn’t work. In order to provide lupus patients in Michigan with support, education, financial assistance, and the care they need, we need passionate lupus advocates to raise funds for this worthy cause!

You can raise more than you think, and it’s simple, easy and fun!!

Here are three easy ways to raise funds and make our Lupus Events a Success!

  1.  Old Fashioned Sign-Up Sheet! Just email us for a letter, and we’ll send you as many as you like with posters and flyers, too. Sign up friends and family for whatever they can give. Then, collect and bring to the event. Get creative and have them sponsor you for every step you take or every loop you make.
  2. Go to CrowdRise and start your own fundraising website. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just CLICK HERE! Find an event or a campaign or start one of your own for the Michigan Lupus Foundation.
  3. Go to Facebook and start a fundraising event. This is an effective way to share your passion, especially on your BIRTHDAY! Just follow these easy steps!1. Go to your Facebook account and click “HOME.”2. On the left side below the heading “Explore” click on the word “Fundraisers.”

    3. Read the short tutorial and click the BLUE button “Raise Money.”

    4. Next click “Nonprofit” (the middle button).

    5. Then search for us, by entering either “Michigan Lupus” (not the word foundation), or our legal name “Lupus Alliance of America, Michigan, Indiana Affiliate” (I know, I know, that’s why we changed it!)

    6. Click on Lupus Alliance of America INC, Michigan Indiana Affiliate.

    7. Next set a goal for your fundraiser and an ending date (after January 30th to give time for people to donate even after the event.

    8. Click “next” and give your fundraiser a title and a personal message.

    9. Click “next” and add a photo. Then click “Create” and start sharing! Share to everyone on your friends list!